Regenerative Medicine To Save Lives

Regenevida’s Gene-Editing Breakthroughs Will Redefine What’s Possible in Medicine

Regenevida_logo3Twenty-two people die every day in U.S. waiting for a transplant. Cellular humanization of swine can provide unlimited supplies of therapeutic cells, tissues and organs. Regenevida is pioneering individualized regenerative medicine by leveraging RCI’s visionary, gene-editing platform and expertise to develop swine as production systems for cultivating patient blood
cells, hepatocytes, tissues, and ultimately organs for human therapeutic applications.
Creating identical replicas of a patient’s own organs with his or her own DNA has the potential to transform the face of modern medicine, drastically improve the quality of life for millions and redefine what is considered “possible.”

Hope for Patients

Our leading-edge gene-editing technology is giving hope for millions of patients with kidney disease. Learn about our multidisciplinary physician-scientist team in partnership with NYU Langone Medical Center.

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