Improving Health & Saving Lives

Recombinetics’ biomedical research and regenerative medicine subsidiaries are focusing on mitigating the impact of devastating diseases with large patient populations:

  • Cancer (Ovarian, Colorectal and Neurofibromatosis),
  • Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity),
  • Cardiovascular Disease (Dilated Cardiomyopathy; Atherosclerosis),
  • Neurodegenerative & Neurocognitive Diseases (Alzheimer’s & Autism), and
  • Monogenic Diseases (Polycystic Kidney Disease, Phenoketonuria).


Surrogen_logoBiomedical Research To Improve Human Health

To help address the shortage of disease treatments and cures, Surrogen develops first-of-their-kind, custom-tailored swine models that simulate the onset and progression of human disease, enabling effective basic, preclinical, and translational research. Surrogen’s swine models of human disease accelerate the conversion of science to medical solutions.

Surrogen has the capability to design a virtually unlimited number of genetically optimized swine models that will address many challenges to successful trials using the current market animal models.
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Regenevida_logo3Regenerative Medicine To Save Lives

To help address the shortage of human tissues and organs, Regenevida develops swine as production systems for cultivating patient blood cells, hepatocytes, tissues, and ultimately organs for human therapeutic applications.

Regenevida has the potential to transform the face of modern medicine, drastically improve the quality-of-life for millions and redefine what is considered “possible by creating identical replicas of a patient’s own organs with his or her own DNA.

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