Precision Breeding Technology for Safe, Abundant and Sustainable Agriculture

A major challenge confronting livestock producers is the need to reduce the cost and environmental impact of livestock production while meeting the growing demand for meat and milk products.

Precision breeding solutions can help. Precision breeding enables faster and more accurate genetic improvements than are possible in a conventional breeding program.

RCI’s agriculture subsidiary, Acceligen, is a leader in precision breeding providing traits for natural livestock disease resistance, improved food productivity, and enhanced animal welfare in beef, dairy, pork, and poultry production. Acceligen_logo

Acceligen strives to:
• Reduce or eliminate use of antibiotics, vaccines and surgical production practices;
• Address animal welfare while simultaneously meeting market demand for drug-free animal proteins;
• Increase meat and dairy yields, reduce input and production costs, reduce environmental impact; and
• Enable humane, localized production through precise gender selection, genetic diversity, animal welfare and disease resistance traits.


Available Traits:

Acceligen focuses on the following animal health and welfare traits:


• Naturally Hornless (Polled)
• Heat Tolerant (SLICK)
• BRD (Respiratory Disease)
• FMDv (Food and Mouth Disease)
• Meat yield (Double Muscle) cow


• PRRSv Disease Resistance
• Swine Fever Resistance
• Genetic Castration
• Tail Docking


• Avian Flu Resistance
• Sex Selection

Watch a video on our precision breeding alternative to dehorning:

Custom Trait Development

Acceligen works with breeders to develop and introgress specific traits of interest into our clients’ food animals. Our Custom Trait Development program provides an unmatched level of specialization that meets the specific needs of each client.

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