Accelerating Livestock Genetics for



Founded in 2008, Recombinetics (RCI) is leading two global revolutions:


AN AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION to produce livestock to help feed a hungry world. These animals will possess a wide variety of genetically preferable traits that enhance productivity while improving animal health and welfare. MORE


A BIOMEDICAL REVOLUTION to develop unique and improved genetic lines of pigs bred to duplicate human diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The result: generations of highly effective drugs and medical devices developed more quickly and at lower costs as Recombinetics models enable testing of both safety and efficacy. MORE

Recombinetics’ focus on biomedicine and agriculture will create opportunities in two multi-billion dollar markets.

WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. Recombinetics scientists are using CRISPR and TALENs, the proprietary gene editing technology for which we have global exclusive rights in livestock.

WE KNOW IT WORKS. Recombinetics has used TALENs and CRISPR to produce its first biomedical product and is using TALENs and CRISPR to develop the first agricultural products. Recombinetics scientists are recognized globally as the leaders in gene editing of livestock.